10 Interesting Facts About the Motorcycle

People have different views about motorcycle around the globe. Without a doubt, I can say that motorcycle is darling to many especially those who know how to ride. If you are a good rider, you will always get amused and feel as if a lot of adrenaline is produced whenever you see a good motorcycle like Kawasaki or Yamaha pass by. Contrary to that, many people have a great phobia on these machines; it might be out of experience or due to lack of knowledge on the importance of the motorcycle .in, this article we are going to discuss interesting facts many people do not know about the motorcycle.


When was First Motorcycle Was Invented?  



The first ever motorcycle worked with the steam engine which used carbon. Sylvester Howard Roper created the machine in 1867. Later in 1885 Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler of Germany created a motorcycle with a combustion engine.

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Motorcycle sport race


The most famous race up to date is motorcycle race due to high speed associated to them. The first race started in 1930 using bicycles and later replaced by motorcycle due to rural roads used. The sport is among the most thrilling.


  1. How does one check the tension of wheels?


The straightforward trick is used here especially during sporting. To check the tension, just hit the wheel with a screwdriver or any soft iron. The sound determines the level of tension. If the sound is serious, it is tense.


The largest attendance record


The most significant record in history took place in 2002. A big number participated with their motorcycles. It is believed that over 2000 people attended with their machines. Harley Davidson commanded the gathering.


Can a blind person ride a motorcycle?


It is possible. The first blind person to set a record of riding a motorcycle in 2003 was Billy Baxter. He lost the eyesight while serving Bosnia


Smallest motorcycle


Have you ever wondered about the smallest ever motorcycle to be created? The smallest machine was small toe. Tom Wahlberg in Sweden who rode it more than 10 meters built it. The bike had wheels of 16mm front and 22mm rear diameter.


Most expensive motorcycle


Have you wondered about the value of the most expensive machine? It is currently valued at $3 000,000, and Jack Armstrong designed it.  It is a comfy machine that everyone dream to ride.


Largest distance covered by a motorcycle


As per Guinness book of records, the largest distance covered in a single day was 3256.5km by Matthew McKelvey. That was back in October 2014 in South Africa.


What is the Genesis of the Helmet?


Actually, in the beginning, motorcycle helmet was not necessary; it was mandated following demines of Colonel T.E Lawrence who succumbed to death on road accident. He died after swerving on the road trying to avoid two boys who were riding a bicycle.


Longest Motorcycle


The longest ever motorcycle to be created as per the Guinness book record was 26.29m long. The machine was designed by Bharat Parmar an Indian in 2014. It was introduced at the very first time at Lakhota lake.


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